kristy van eck | PHOTOGRAPHer

Hi Kristy, tell us about yourself!

I’m a mum of two little boys (and wife of one big boy), originally from rural Western Australia – we moved to explore new places and see more of the country and fell in LOVE with Port Macquarie and its surrounds. I grew up doing photography (my mother was a photographer), but have been doing it professionally for over 8 years.

How would you describe your style of photography?

The end result is always very candid, raw and real. My aim is always to document things as they happen, and to capture couples in their natural element; whether it be sweet and quiet or boisterous and full of laughs!

How did you end up in the wedding game and what’s your favourite part of photographing a wedding?

I sort of just fell into it really! Even being so immersed in the world of photography growing up, I never would have imagined I’d end up being a wedding photographer. But a friend asked me if I wanted to take photos at her wedding – so I did. And 8 years later I’ve photographed an unknown amount of weddings, all over the country! My favourite part of weddings is actually during the speeches – it’s not really the time when the most iconic photos are taken, but I just adore hearing the funny and romantic stories!

What’s your hot tip for couples researching a wedding photographer?

Only ever hire someone whose work you adore 100%. If you feel the urge to give your photographer ‘examples’ of the kind of shots you want, then they’re obviously not the right photographer for you. Find someone whose work you love so much you trust them to do what they do! And most importantly – pick a photographer who you get along and feel comfortable with – after all, you spend the whole day with your photographer!

What’s your motto/ a saying you live by?

“Beautiful things don’t ask for attention”

We love supporting locals – tell us three of your fave local businesses and why?

Megan and her man Pete from Gingermegs never cease to amaze me – from their floral arrangements to the incredible styling they do – every wedding that has had their touch is always beautiful!

For wedding reception music, I can’t rave enough about The Funk Thieves. It’s just two guys, but they sound like a full band, have incredible talent, and ALWAYS get guests moving on the dancefloor!

And last, but not least, my dear friend Hannah (the “hair wizard” as I call her) is the lady behind Hair by Hannah. Any time I’ve seen her style a bride’s hair my jaw wants to hit the floor. Seriously.